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I for myself, my family, executors, estate, heirs, guardians, and/or my assigns (“Releasors”) acknowledge that my participation the activities conducted at All*Starz (“Activities”) involve physical activities and certain risks, including but not limited to serious injury and death. In exchange for being permitted to participate in the activities, and for other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, I hereby warrant and represent that (i) I am fully familiar with, and completely understand, the risk(s) associated with all Activities, and (ii) I do not suffer from any condition or ailment nor am I subject to any restriction on physical activities which could impair my ability to engage in the Activities, and (iii) I assume full responsibility for any risk, including the risk of serious injury or death, connected with my participation in the Activities.

I hereby hold harmless and release, and agree to indemnify and defend, All*Starz Professional Softball & Baseball Instruction, LLC (All*Starz) (collectively the “Releasees”) from and against any and all actions, causes of action, proceedings, suits, claims, rights, liabilities, damages, losses, expenses or demands of any kind or nature, whatsoever (including attorney’s fees and disbursements) which I or the Releasors can or might have as a result of or arising out of or in connection with my participation in Activities, including, without limitation, claims for property damage, personal injury, or wrongful death, regardless of whether any such injury, harm or damage was caused in whole or in part by the Releasees’ negligence or gross negligence. I understated and agree that the Releasees are not responsible for any injury or property damage arising out of the Activities, even if caused by their negligence or gross negligence.

I further acknowledge and agree that I do not have permission to use the premises for anything other than my intended participation in Activities and that I will be held personally responsible for any damages to the premises or any property belonging to the Releases that occurs as a result of or arises out of my participation in the Activities.

I understand that this document is intended to be as broad and as inclusive as permitted by the laws of the state of New Jersey and agree that if any portion of this Release is found to be invalid, the remainder will continue in full legal force and effect to the greatest extent permitted by law. I waive all rights to trial in any action or proceeding instituted in connection with this Release or the Activities. Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this Release or Activities shall be settled by binding arbitration in accordance with the commercial arbitration rules of the American Arbitration Association. Any such controversy or claim shall be arbitrated on an individual basis, and shall not be consolidated in any arbitration with any claim or controversy of any other party.

I give permission to use my name, photo, likeness, voice, testimonial or any background information provided by me in any media for any promotional use without compensation. I certify that I am of legal age to the contractor that my legal guardian has read signed and agreed to this Release.

I acknowledge that I have read this Release, fully understand its content and have signed below of my own free will.


  • bat at your own risk
  • always wear a helmet when using the batting cages
  • only one person in the cage at a time
  • keep the door closed while bating
  • never climb or hang from the cage
  • swing the bat  exclusively inside the cage
  • never stand in the fro, of the pitching machine or home plate
  • watch of for stray balls at your feet
  • don’t steal the balls
  • no one under the influence is permitted to use the batting cages
  • no hum or chewing tobacco inside the batting cage
  • be safe and don't fool around inside the batting cages

Batting Cage Rules

  • helmets must be worn at all times
  • no metal spikes
  • no horseplay
  • no hanging on nets
  • no gum or seeds
  • no food or beverages of any kind
  • failure to observe batting cage rules will result in the loss of a cage access privileges
  • absolutely no batting or soft toss into fences
  • switch hitting during an active round of pitches is not permitted
  • the customer is fully responsible for choosing the appropriate level for their child
  • no one under the age of 6 is permitted in the cages